I'm Morgan and I love We Came As Romans and pasta. If I like your blog I'll probably follow you back
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"…I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed."

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I love youBut I gotta let you go
I’m finding myself now.
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Northlane by danamansbartphoto on Flickr.
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there is absolutely nothing cute or beautiful about being unable to regulate your emotions and crying in a therapist’s office and hurting yourself on the outside to control what’s on the inside it doesnt matter how flowery you write it or how many line breaks there are it’s not beautiful 

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i use the word fuck so excessively i sometimes forget it’s a swear word

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I’m tired of missing you and I grow more exhausted everyday not having you around.

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"I want to care, but I don’t.
I look at you and all I feel is tired."
Elizabeth Scott (via seabois)

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Chelsey Mac pic.